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La Cosa Nostra

Monday, May 19th, 2008

I was trying to think of more uses for Cynar, the Italian artichoke-based aperitif that somewhat resembles Campari. I decided its bitter vegetal notes would be complemented by Kola Tonic and threw this one together. I think it works, though perhaps the Tia Maria could be toned back to 1 tsp.


Cynar has has one of the coolest label designs out there (more…)

Piscos at Dawn: Part Deux

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008


I did a comparative tasting of three different piscos back in November. Given that I have since acquired a couple more piscos, it seems a good idea to do a repeat tasting. I was originally intending to write this new pisco review back in December. I delayed until now because I had been hoping to be able to include a third pisco. Sadly this was not to be. (more…)

Piscos at Dawn

Sunday, November 25th, 2007


I have always had a soft spot for pisco and its trendier Italian cousin grappa. Both are rustic, unaged grape brandies. Pisco originated as a way for Peruvian grape growers to use poorer quality grapes considered unsuitable for wine production which otherwise would have been discarded. From these humble beginnings pisco gradually grew in popularity and grapes started to be planted specifically for its production. In contrast, Italian grappa is distilled from the skins, stalks, pips and other material remaining after wine making. In most countries this material would be discarded or used as animal feed, but in Italy it is collected and distilled to produce grappa. (more…)