About Seamus Harris

Originally from Auckland, I divide my time between New Zealand and China, where Shanghai is my second home.  This blog is a collection of my musings on various things.  Cocktails are the dominant theme, but occasionally other things creep in.

In a vivid demonstration that travel can still broaden the mind, my cocktail epiphany occurred after years of wandering the Far East in search of enlightenment. Meditating in a Japanese bar in Shanghai, I was awakened to the realization that a perfect cocktail depends on the careful execution of numerous small details. Sensing my newly enhanced state of consciousness, the barman, improbably named Mr. Jin, taught me that ice was the neglected detail at the center of it all.  He was so very right.

I have been a religious ice-Nazi ever since. Acquaintances and business partners cope mostly by politely taking their leave when the subject of ice arises, and thus I am no stranger to sitting solo with nothing but a too-rapidly-diluting drink for company.

This site is named after the Bunny Hug, an unloved but not entirely unlovable cocktail from the early 20th Century. Why not mix up a Bunny Hug and take a look around?  Besides my blog posts you will find a few articles I have written for Drink, a Chinese bar industry magazine.

The Bunny Hug offers open minded imbibers an interesting window onto the world of mixed drinks. The Bunny Hug matches (I use the term loosely) pastis with gin and whiskey. The result hovers somewhere between repulsive and agreeable, shocking and therapeutic. Few find it an easy drink to appreciate. Rephrasing a little, perhaps the Bunny Hug should be considered a sort of broken window onto the world of mixology. An encounter with the Bunny Hug can be perspective altering in the same way as climbing gingerly through a broken pane of glass. Things one previously disliked can suddenly appear comparatively pleasant.  To the juniper-phobic, straight gin doesn’t seem so bad.  To the licorice haters, pastis sounds positively delicious.  To the adventurous, the Bunny Hug has something to offer. . .

Hopefully this site can offer a little something too.

Besides this site, I also offer English proofreading and editing services for Chinese writers, and have a consulting business focused on China.

* To contact me send an e-mail to ‘seamus’, at ‘bunnyhugs’, dot ‘org’.