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Mizuwari Article

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

This issue of DRiNK I cover the Mizuwari, the minimalist whisky drink from Japan. This was one of the drinks that first got me interested in cocktails. . .

In Constellation one night Kin San suggested I try a Mizuwari. I was not keen. Whisky, water, and ice did not sound appealing. Kin San was fairly insistent though. He proposed making two glasses, with identical measures of whisky but mixed differently. I would taste them both, choose the best, and he would drink the other. That sounded intriguing, so I said I was up for it. The two glasses were duly made. Just Kin San had promised, one tasted delicious and the other was very average. The difference was temperature and dilution. The delicious glass had been thoroughly chilled without too much dilution by stirring ice in the glass then tipping out the melt. In the average glass none of the ice melt was discarded. It really taught me the importance of dilution, ice temperature, and the small details involved in putting a drink together.