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Paloma Article and Taipei Bars

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

I have another couple of articles in the latest issue of DRiNK. This time it’s a sort of exotic mish-mash of Mexican and Taiwanese. First up, representing Mexico, is an article on the Paloma cocktail. Then Taiwan gets covered with a couple of profiles of Taipei bars.

I had particular fun writing up this one, as a happy coincidence saw me end up in Mexico. Even more fortuitously, the airline managed to lose my bags somewhere in the US. This left me more-or-less forced to lounge around sipping tequila and wracking my brains for a way out of my predicament. Unfortunately I did not actually make it to Tequila. The trip being work related I was in Monterrey, better known for drug violence than delicious agave spirits. But it was still a great chance to check out the Paloma on its home turf. The tequila selection in duty free also wasn’t bad. From what I saw, Mexicans get through far more Palomas than Margaritas, and who can blame them? If grapefruit soda was easier to track down in China I’d also be having Palomas all the time – at least in the warmer months. Anyway, read about the Paloma here.

I also got to Taipei over Christmas, which allowed me to profile a couple of it’s better bars. One was an old favorite I mentioned before, namely Speakeasy -┬áthe consummate shrine to Guinness and Irish Whiskey. The second, Alchemy, was new to me, but well worth discovering. Some excellent cocktails to be had here, with a nice balance of creativity and attention to detail. Manager Angus Zou is also most friendly, maybe even charismatic. Another spot I visited but didn’t cover for the magazine was Little London, a basement drinking den with a focus on real ale. Amazing selection of English beers, including Hen’s Tooth from Morland Brewery, and even a couple on cask. Well worth a look.