Drink Magazine Article: The Mojito

As mentioned previously, I had an article on the Mojito published in a China bar industry magazine, Drink (??). Drink does not have a website yet, but you can read the article here.


Drink appeared a year or so back and has contributed plenty to improving cocktail knowledge in China. There was a time when knowledge-thirsty Chinese bartenders would chase me out of bars. No, they weren’t requesting I settle my tab. They simply wanted me to write down my famous recipe for Pernod and water, which went: “put Pernod in glass, put water in (same) glass”. Thanks to Drink I now get ignored.

Times really have changed. At one time, Pernod and water was my drink partly because Pernod was one of the few imported liquors nobody had got around to faking. Standards really were low. These days, at least in Shanghai, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a decent cocktail.

The cool thing about Drink is that it is a bilingual publication. Rather nicely, this means I get an article published in Chinese without having to actually write the thing in Chinese. It also means Chinese bartenders get good information in their own language, alongside the same material in English. The English very useful, since English is the best language for those inclined to do further research on drinks-related matters.

Previous Chinese language bar industry magazines could be spectacularly bad. I remember an article on Champagne illustrated exclusively with photos of Trappist beer bottles. A story on wine in the same issue revealed that a sophisticated and well-bred woman is instantly recognizable because she will always add her ice cubes before she pours her wine, never afterward. Another piece introducing the major families of spirits and liqueurs did fairly well until confronted with bitters. Aware only of Angostura, unaware of how it was used, but spotting details for a Dutch distributor on the label, the writer winged it. The result was an improbable account of elderly Dutch men swigging from Angostura bottles in between tending to their tulips.

When I get around to it, I will post a couple more articles I have written for Drink.

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  1. Erik Nabler Says:

    Nice. I love the stories about things like this. Mistranslations, what have you. It goes the other way, too, but I can appreciate it best from the English end.

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