Bermudez Rum Hits the US?

I meant to post this weeks ago. . .

While in the Dominican Republic I spotted a magazine article saying that Bermudez rums were in the process of being launched in the United States for the first time.  The Bermudez rums are pretty good.  The Bermudez Aniversario 1852 ended up being the bottle I took out of the country with me.  Yes, I even picked it over the Brugal Extra Viejo!

I have no idea if Bermudez will be made available throughout the whole of the United States.  The article only mentions North Carolina.  What do I know anyway?  Perhaps Bermudez has been available in the U.S. for years and a new distributor is simply creating some publicity for themselves?

However, just in case there is somebody in the United States who read about Bermudez rum on this blog, wants Bermudez rum,  and cannot find Bermudez rum, here are the contact details of the importer:

C&R Imports

(919) 272-4165

Maybe somebody can import this stuff to New Zealand?

2 Responses to “Bermudez Rum Hits the US?”

  1. Jeannie Says:

    How much is a botle a bottle of BERMUDEZ 1852 RON ANEJO SELECTRO

  2. lotta Says:

    where can I purchase Ron bermudez 1852, and I do not see an answer to jeannie question how much.

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