Frozen Beer Experiences!

I had an unusual beer experience today.

The beer I ordered with dinner poured into the glass with a slushy sorbet consistency.  Very weird.  The beer flowed out of the bottle no problem, and none of what remained in the bottle after I poured was frozen.  The beer itself seemed perfectly normal.  I think what was happening was that the beer was only just above freezing, and the chilled, thick-bottomed mug I was pouring it into was even colder.  The temperature differential between the two meant the beer froze into a foamy slush when it touched the mug.  Or maybe not.  Anyone got a better explanation?

Anyway it was quite disconcerting.  At first I thought the restaurant had developed a trick for deliberately achieving this amazing effect.  Then I remembered the waiter looked as surprised as me to see a beer sorbet on my table.  Perhaps it was just a fluke.  Or was the waiter surprised at my surprise?

Are there any restaurants or bars that deliberately try to reproduce this effect?  I guess it’s the ultimate in a cold beer.

My only other frozen beer experience (besides the obligatory exploded bottles in the freezer) was on an Eva Airways flight from Taipei to Manila.  I settled in and asked for a beer.  I think it was a Kirin.  When the beer showed up I found it not only refused to pour more than a dribble, but something was rattling around inside the can.  Realizing it had frozen solid I asked the flight attendant for another one.  No need she said.  If I would only wait this one would eventually defrost.  Well at least that sorted out my in-flight entertainment.  Thanks Eva Air!

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  1. James Rock Says:

    Yes i have had the same frozen beer experience. When I was living in fiji i used to drink beer out of the big beer bottles (750ml) and I had my own beer fridge which was cranked right up to the coldest level possible, I also had some large thick and heavy beer mugs which I kept in my chest freezer. Almost always the first beer I would pour into that glass would form a frothy frozen slush as the cold beer hit the frozen glass. The Fiji beer is pretty gassy too which seemed to make the problem worse. After the first beer the glass had warmed up and it wasn’t a problem but I got to leaving the frozen mug on the bench for a little while before adding beer to get around the problem.

  2. seriousdarious Says:

    I’ve never had a frozen beer problem before, but I did recently come across this article on “hopsicles”:

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